About Us






The Amethyst gem is known for its protection and purification powers as well as creating a resonant shield for those who use it. With Amethyst Auto Transport, you will experience the same protection for you and your vehicle. 

You will soon discover that unlike other companies, we strive for a more personable, transparent, and effective experience.

We are not just a service provider, we genuinely care about your comfort level throughout the entire process. We do not pretend to be bigger than we are, nor do we pretend to own and operate our own fleet.  

We are honest, knowledgeable and great at what we do. Our goal is to maintain a high quality of service and your repeated business. For this reason we will listen to your every need and make sure you are always happy by considering the importance of your budget and peace of mind. 

Why choose Amethyst Auto Transport?

  • A more personalized and transparent experience 
  • Education on how shipping works 
  • Direct contact with the owner
  • Control of your transaction
  • No initial deposit required
  • Discount on all future bookings after your first shipping

Meet Lilly

"She believed she could, so she did."

Lilly was initially introduced to the industry a decade ago when she collaborated with a new Transportation Brokerage as a sales/marketing consultant. It wasn’t long after fully immersing herself into this new industry that it became apparent how much of it needed to change. As a new broker, she had a clean slate to learn the ins and outs of the industry. In time, she noticed that while very few brokers were forthcoming as to how the industry worked, many others would misinterpret information to their clients, complicating the process and their client’s ability to understand how pricing was determined or how much control they actually had throughout their transaction with any particular firm.

She soon discovered, there were two ways of doing business and a choice had to be made. Option 1: Follow suit and continue the trend of selling to the consumer under false pretenses or Option 2: Educate the consumer, and ensure they understood the steps of shipping a car as well as the bidding system that controlled it all. 

Without hesitation, the direction of that particular company in which she was brought on as a consultant, shifted. It was no longer about the singular matter of providing a service that would help clients transport their vehicles. The company became one of the very first to expose the truth of it’s competitors already in business, by educating the client on how the industry truly works and giving them back their power. That company still stands today. 

Lilly has built a career in Transportation Consulting ever since. Her expertise and guidance has established currently successful and active businesses. Their influence in the transportation industry with her help and guidance have effectively kept the consumer’s best interests at the forefront. After a short hiatus to grow her family, her passion has once again summoned her back to work on the service industry side and continue on with her mission of helping the consumer with transparency! 

This is how AMETHYST AUTO TRANSPORT was born. 

A new company,  with an extensive amount of history knowledge, and heart. 

Her Approach

Personable, warm, and educative. 

As owner/operator you will always be in contact with her. She will treat you like family and patiently walk you through the entire process. 

Lilly believes in the importance of being transparent and pragmatic in both her personal life and in business. Her attention to detail and desire to help you will always be the bottom line and it will become evident on your initial call. 

She won’t just be your broker, she will become your friend.

Her Purpose

To treat you right and provide a quick service! 

The responsibility of any reputable broker is not just to provide a service, but also to ensure their clients understand what they are doing, are feeling safe while they are doing it and are in control of their transaction. 

Lilly vows to make all of her clients happy for more reasons than one. Not just the shipping of their vehicle, but also the way they have been treated, supported, and educated.